How to check Train Status via Google Assistant

A major market like India for Google and its products are quite easy to use depending on the accessibility. Currently, most of the smartphone users are using machine-learning AI and Virtual Assistant. Meanwhile, the Indian people are quite busy to track or identify the details or status of Indian Railway. Now, users can use voice command to know the status of their trains without searching for a specific website or list. Here in this post, we’ll share with you how to check train status via Google Assistant in India.

The steps are quite easy and useful for a busy passenger who doesn’t have quite a time to check for the train running status in a typical way. Google Assistant will help you a lot while tracking a train running status.

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Steps to Check Train Status, Location, and Timing via Google Assistant

Check Train Status, Location, and Timing via Google Assistant

  • Just launch the Google Assistant on your Android smartphone. (If Google Assistant not enabled. Enable it from the Default app settings and say Ok Google or Hey Google.
  • Now, ask where is my train. The Assistant will bring the conversation about it.
  • Google Assistant will provide you all the trains which are running from your location to a distance trip on the same date.
  • Now, you have to choose anyone from the List of trains and it’ll let you know the location of the selected train. (You can also choose your railway station from the List of stations as well and Google Assistant will help you with it)
  • Now, choose the train number and destination for specific details.
  • Finally, the Assistant will notify you the destination reach timing and hours left in brief.
  • That’s it. You can try it for once and hope this will help you a lot.

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